Jeremiah 1:5 says, "Before you were born, I set you apart for a special work." What a powerful verse, don't you think? Good for us all on a Monday. I want you to keep this verse close to your heart this week, because everything we talk about is going to point us back to a pretty unique idea. What is it? That nobody else on earth was given your unique dreams, abilities, disabilities, faults, pitfalls, troubles, successes, weaknesses, fears (and the list goes on and on.) God>you>mold>broken. Speaking of special, this week I have a neat honor of delivering the keynote speech at a health fair in Iowa. Along with sharing what health looks like through the gospel's lens, I've been asked to draw a crowd - wink wink - for USA Summer & Winter Olympian, Lolo Jones. I leave on Thursday, so I'm afraid this week will be cut short. But everything I'm about -- my nerve, heart and sinew -- will be poured into those few hours on stage talking about my Jesus and the health He's given me to do so. Why? It's what I was made to do. God>me>mold>broken.BrokeTheMold

Yes indeed. Keep the verse close this week, because the unique idea? It's you. It's me. We're originals. Classics. Rare sightings. Precious findings. And you and I have a special work to do. That work guys -- no matter what it is -- has a purpose; to make a very huge deal out of the God who gave us the life to fulfill it.

Jimmy Peña

Homework: Be thinking of some of your unique qualities. Start your list. Are you....organized? Have the gift of singing? Writing? Are you a leader that people follow? Are you a listener that people pour into? Jot some things down. You'll need them this week.