I'm Stoppable

Welcome back to PrayFit and Happy New Year everyone. Seems a lifetime since I took to my corner, and I want to welcome you back or say hello for the first time. There are thousands of new readers today, both on the app and on the site. And today we begin the "I'm Stoppable" series. Now, it may seem odd for the idea of "I can't" to be used to reach your heart, but if you surf the internet this month, you won't need to search long before you find someone telling you how unstoppable you are; that every goal is yours if you just want it bad enough, work hard enough, put in the time, push the limits. And I get it. I've lived it. But the truth is, we're weaker than we think we are. Now, I don't say that to make you or myself feel weak. I say it to remind us that we are weak. Tough to hear, especially at the beginning of a new year, but I assure you it's really good news.ImStoppable

Speaking of the Good News, the grandson of Billy Graham, Pastor Tullian, recently wrote, "The gospel is for the defeated, not the dominant." The older I get, the more I'm realizing how true that is.

Earlier this week I shared something on social media and I think it's appropriate today:

"I'm sitting outside my therapy clinic, just took my daily dose of 8 nerve regeneration pills to help keep my spinal cord talking to my toes as I age, and I'm about to see where I'm at in terms of range of motion. You know, some say that the mind will fail a thousand times before the body ever will. That ain't true. Sounds good, sounds "tough," but it's false. Truth is, my body failed long before this mind, way before this heart and an eternity before my soul ever will. I'm stoppable. Which means, I keep fighting until God says I'm finished. Here comes a fighter; a weak and frail, stumbling and fumbling, sinner saved and sustained by grace and stoppable fighter. Watch me touch my toes.

This week we'll explore just how stoppable we are. And for the hard-chargers, the climbers, the go-getters, the never-quitters, and the fighters - like me - among you...well...the fact that we celebrate our dependence on a grace-giving God that can stop us on a dime just may inspire us more than any goal we've ever set. - Jimmy Peña

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