Before They Were Conquerors

In my men's Bible study this semester, we're studying the books of Joshua and Judges, and this week we began our discussion on Gideon. Many of us are probably familiar with the story of Gideon, but what was Gideon doing right before God called him? It's a question I learned the answer to earlier this week, and I think I'd like to wrap our hearts around its idea. We'll get into it further, but Gideon said, "I am the least" after the angel of the Lord told him, "Go in your strength." It's pretty cool. If you can, read the first 6 chapters of Judges this weekend (or listen to them on our app.) The Bible says that you and I have been made more than conquerors, overcomers in this life through Jesus. Past tense. We've been made conquerors, because to God our future is history, and when Jesus said, "It is finished," He was not only talking to us but He was talking for us. Like my pastor Shawn Thornton says, "Jesus didn't just die for us, He lived for us too." What relief.

You know, as I learned -specifically through Gideon's life this week - I don't always pray with that kind of comfort, let alone that kind of faith. As a matter of fact, I wonder how I would pray if I knew what God knew. How would you pray if you knew what God knew? That thought may deserve an entry next week, but beginning Monday, we're going to take a look a few Biblical characters and examine their lives before the glory in their story. I think we will all learn something pretty valuable about our own lives and how we deal with our health. I hope you'll join me. Have a great weekend everyone. Grow in grace. - Jimmy