Last week around this time you would have seen me polishing my shoes and straightening my tie, as Loretta made some last minute decisions on earrings. We dressed up. Yes sir. Although my beautiful bride and I were likely the most unrecognizable pair at the pre-Oscar party, we dressed to the nines. Granted, our names are not in lights or surrounded by a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, so I know full well that our presence wasn't because of anything we'd done, but only because of who I know (and who knows me).AngelsRejoice One of my favorite writers, Pastor Tullian said, "Grace is the gift with no strings attached." Like our presence at the party, nothing we've done merits the invitation, but because the Host wants us there, our acceptance is enough. And I like to think that our temporary health - our life - is in many ways our opportunity to proclaim our RSVP (and to invite others to join us.) Jimmy Peña

P.S. And you know what's cool? We spent a good portion of our time with some folks who didn't merit the invitation either, but who also loved Jesus. We sat and realized how blessed we were to be there, and we talked about Jesus a lot. (Good practice.)

--Jimmy Peña

45 DAYS! PFLASpeaking of RSVP, there are 45 days until PrayFit RISE Los Angeles; a time discussing our health as it relates to service, evangelism, worship, stewardship, discipline and more - and of course - seen through the gospel's lens. We're wanting nothing more, and we're praying for nothing less than for Jesus to be glorified in all we think, say and do. We hope you can join us. (www.prayfitrise.org) (If you can't, you may have friends on Facebook and other social media that may not follow PrayFit but who may live in the Los Angeles area. Would you share this just in case?) They may want to attend and we'll enjoy serving them. Thanks everyone and pray for us!