Personal, Revolutionary, Hopeful

What a neat week, huh? So many emails, messages, praises and shared love and prayers for you, the PrayFit family. If you missed any of the entries, I hope you go back and read "Run Your Route" "Heavy Burdens" "Grace Upside Down" and "The Stride of the Savior". If you'd allow me, I have a special new image to show you as we're ramping up our promotion for PrayFit RISE Los Angeles, sponsored by Pepperdine University. This pic was made into a postcard and sent to over 3,000 churches in the northern Los Angeles area. Didn't the team do well with this? Soon we'll be targeting fitness centers and schools, so I covet your prayers. Our heart is to do nothing else but make a very big deal about Jesus and His grace in the health and wellness community in this city.PrayFit Poster 4

I mentioned on social media a few days ago, "Like Louie Giglio once said, "This is not your kiddie pool conference." We echo that. This is a celebration of Jesus and His grace. And when we see the health He gives us through the gospel's lens, it changes everything. The Bible has something to say to each of us about our bodies (the healthy, the hurting and everyone in between.) Something personal and powerful. Collective and mission-focused. Revolutionary and set apart. Comforting and hopeful."

So as we finish the week, if you would help us pray for those receiving the invitations and please pray for all of us as we plan this special weekend, I'd be in your debt. Much love to you all. See you Monday. - Jimmy

P.S. If you can't make it to the conference but would like to be a part of what we're doing, you can donate to the non-profit convention. Just click the give button on the homepage. God bless you for your support.