Facing Courage

"And then that word grew louder and louder until it was a battle cry."- lyrics of "The Call" from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Here we find Edmund before heading off to war - a stubborn, power-hungry, disobedient boy who wandered away from what was right to seek his own glory - seen here talking to Aslan. The neat part about this scene - and the reason I chose it today - is that we don't hear the conversation between the two. What we do know is that all it took for Edmund to turn his life around was a face-to-face with the One who saved him.Edmund_aslan

Courage is our battle cry this week, and so many people responded to yesterday's entry. Prayer requests, special needs, courage seekers, and as I type this very sentence a need was posted from a reader who can't quite put into words what she's feeling or thinking. Having wandered far from God, as well as, recently diagnosed with cancer, she's unsure of what she needs or if she's even worthy to ask for it.

Guys, so many people around us are hurting, scared and desperate; in need of hope as they head off to war.

Truth: No matter how far we've wandered, despite our mistakes and missteps, and even in the midst of unforeseen infirmities, a face-to-face with Jesus is the birthplace of faith and the beginning of courage.

Are you waiting to hear the diagnosis? Got a big meeting at 4:00pm PST? Does your neighbor need your forgiveness? Maybe it's time to take back your health? Whatever it is, let the word "courage" grow louder and louder inside your heart until it's a battle cry. Because like we learn from Edmund, the best we can do is know who our friends are when we head off to war. Amen to that. No matter who or what you're up against today, before you face them, face Him. Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: What Biblical character can you think of that - even after wandering far from God - received courage by going back to the beginning for a face-to-face?