Free Fallin

"Come, follow me." -- Matthew 4:18-20 Whew, Friday. Looking back down the week's mountain, some of us wonder how and why we made it. I know I do. That Monday meeting, Tuesday's test, Wednesday's disappointment. You get the point. But it's ok to look back. Moses looked back at the sea he crossed. Daniel looked back at his bed in a lion's den. And Jesus? He looked back too. Of all the memories He had on Friday, our future was one of them. Nestle yourself around that last sentence for a second, it's ok.

Jesus finished His toughest week to give us purpose in ours. How did Gideon, Moses, Daniel, Peter and Paul become conquerors? He's How, He's Why. Of all the things Jesus said, "It is finished" is one of the toughest to remember or even believe some days; at least the way my sinner's heart works. To think He fought my battle for me and gave me victory! Glory. Before He conquered sin and death, He was thinking about me and He was thinking about you.FreeFallin

If that doesn't put a smile on your face! Hey, remember that scene in Jerry McGuire when he's so happy while he's driving he can't find the right song on the radio to sing along with until he was....."Free Fallin! Yeah I'm free! falling. I'm FREE!!! That's what grace does to us. So as we finish out the week, striving to honor God with our bodies, be conquered. Be conquered by Jesus and the price He paid to set us free; free from everything that would cause us to look back and see anything other than His finished work.

Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Neat week, huh guys? Say amen if you're free. Me first. I'm free. Free falling. Have a good weekend. Grace.