What's My Line?

What do I do well? Ever asked yourself that question? If, for instance, you dislike running, I doubt wind sprints came in at No. 1. But if you love cooking, I'm betting that "recipe-creator extraordinaire" may be front and center. If so, what time's dinner? In one of my favorite movies, A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson gives one of his best performances. And in a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of it, cast members recall the first time they all sat around reading the script together. Everyone was simply reading and going about the business until it was Jack's turn. In character, holding nothing back, Jack delivered the line as if the camera was in his face. Witnesses say the room immediately sat up in its collective seat and rehearsal took on new meaning from that day forward.SpeakYourLines

Max Lucado once wrote, "Nobody else has been given your lines. The Author of the human drama has entrusted your part to you alone. Live your life, or it won't be lived."

Friends, what do you well? What do I do well? Answer: Our life. Nobody does our life like us. And those qualities of yours, your gift of giving, your ability to memorize, your high endurance, your heart for the homeless, your mind for math, your quick wit...those are the things that God used to form your role. And the world around you -- kids, friends, parents, teachers, spouses, bosses, staff -- they need you to speak your lines like you mean them.

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: The world will sit up in its collective seat when believers speak their lines. And when in comes to health, it's no different. When the Pastor tells a church to consider physical stewardship, we sit up. When a fitness-minded believer says full armor isn't half naked, we sit up. Our lives, our lines, our roles have to be lived. Nobody else can. Nobody else will. God is life's Casting Director, the world is His stage and our parts are ours to make a big deal about Him. Ask yourself, "What's my line?" and live it.