How much work does it take to transform your health? If you asked a hard-gainer how much work it takes to add muscle, they'd tell you it's pretty tough. Or ask someone who's struggled their entire life to maintain a healthy weight and you may get a similar response. We need help. We get educated, seek council, take cooking classes, hire trainers, study video. And we're not even discussing unforeseen illnesses, or even problems with immodesty or pride. Whether it's for motivation, specific guidelines, disease control or humility, we need assistance in our effort of Godly, physical stewardship.

Webster defines grace as "Divine assistance given for sanctification." Now, if you think about how much help we need when it comes to health, how much assistance do you think we need when it comes to Heaven? A little? A lot? A lot, alot? That's why Webster's take on grace falls short, doesn't it? Did you catch it the first time? Assistance, right? So while I was at it, I looked that up too. To define assistance, Webster uses synonyms like "a boost, helping hand, a leg up." Makes sense to the world. We do our share of the work, and God does His. We try our best, but when our best isn't good enough for Heaven, He gives our souls a boost.

But grace is more than what Webster might call a hearty helping of chicken soup for the soul. No, our souls need more than help. In fact, we don't need help, we need Him. If grace were just a boost on God's part, then you and I could boast in our works. His share. Our share. But we don't share. Health is never earned. What would ever make us think grace could be?

--Jimmy Peña