Waving A Legacy

Willy "The Waver." That's how he came to be known. If you went to Baylor University or lived in the area in the late 80's and early 90's, you knew of Willy. He walked everywhere. And every few steps, he'd stop and wave; to cars, to people, to buildings, to everything, to nothing. Willie became a fixture in the city. Rumor had it that he was a war veteran. I remember seeing his story featured in the local paper years later. Pictured, of course, waving.

When you hear the name Barnabas, what comes to mind? Encourager, right? What about John the Baptist? Bold or maybe even radical? Indeed, scroll the Scriptures and reputations accompany names. Lifestyles beg legacies. Not sure if you've been watching the A.D series on NBC about the disciples and apostles, but it's fascinating to me to think of the men and women who started it all. And whose names we now associate with characteristics we aim to emulate. All because of a carpenter who taught them how to carve a life of love.

Fast-forward 2,000 years and here we are. You may be about to hit Monday traffic or you're getting ready to start a load of laundry or perhaps it's gym time or that morning walk; just sinners saved by grace, trying to live and love like Jesus, needing our health to get His message around the world. This week, I hope you're encouraged to put one foot in front of another. To give grace away. To love unconditionally. And to make the kinds of decisions physically that allow you to fulfill your mission and with a legacy that makes a statement. And if you're not sure where to begin, keep it simple. Start small. Wave.

-Jimmy Peña

Prayer Request: Dear friends. I have a prayer request today. Loretta's grandmother (Grandma Mague) has been diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on her liver. Doctors say the cancerous tumor is the size of a grapefruit. They don't give her long to live and will be sending her home to be with family. If you could be praying for her, for Letta's Daddy and the rest of the family, I'd appreciate it. And if you have your own family member that needs prayer, please list it in the comments sections. Let's go to the Lord together, waving to our Father in Heaven for help, healing and hope.