Sending Sandie

Everyone please bring it in real close and take a knee. I'd like us to circle around a PrayFit teammate that needs our prayers. One of our dearest, closest, bravest friends is taking a trip, but not just any trip.

After her no less than 23-hour flight, she'll be in some of the most dangerous regions of Thailand, training women, delivering Bibles, helping disciple. She's everything PrayFit hopes to be in a ministry; all wrapped up in a godly exterior doing the Lord's will. Look up Proverbs woman in a modern-day dictionary and chances are you'd see her face.

In an email earlier this week, she said, "God has given me many new challenges to take this journey. He has wrapped me in prayer. I feel equipped with armor, safe and secure."

You've likely seen her name within PrayFit over the years. She's our most dedicated reader and has commented on nearly 1,000 devotions. Sweet, special lady and family. Her late husband baptized my parents, dedicated me as a baby, led me to Jesus, baptized me, married Loretta and me, and was a missionary until he went to be with the Lord just a couple years ago. And his dear wife continues his life's work with her own. And every missionary trip she takes overseas, she never fails to mention that she probably won't have internet to comment on PrayFit. Well, I'm hoping we can comment for her.

Please say a prayer wherever you are as you read this for my Sister "Sandie" Powell as she travels with her team to the underground mission field. She doesn't know I'm doing this, but just in case she has access to internet while she's there or when she's on her way back, maybe leave her a comment letting her know you were praying for her. I'd appreciate it.

For those that happen to have my first PrayFit book from 2009, flip to the first few pages and see the dedication. That's for Sister Powell. And it's still true.