Beginning To Rain

Noah did everything God commanded him.
— Genesis 6:22

We spend an incredible amount of time on this earth waiting. We wait at traffic lights, elevators, DMVs, for mail, for appointments, for that phone call, the offer letter, for good news, for any name it, if we want something, sometimes we have to wait.

Noah knew what it was like to wait. Imagine him hammering the side of the ark with one hand while waving to passing neighbors with the other. "Evening! Yeah. I'm building an ark! For the, the flood! Have a good night!" 

The West coast is currently in one of the worst droughts in history, but for a few hours on Saturday afternoon, we opened all the windows and doors just to hear it, to smell it, and to praise God for the rain. Droughts help us rediscover our dependence. 

Like Noah, are you waiting for God to storm into action? You've been preparing for so long, and each day you're looking for a few clouds and that first drop. Trying to get into that college? Get that new job? Making drastic changes to better the health of your family? If so, hammer while you wait. We all know Noah's story. The rain finally came, and Noah's purpose was revealed. Good thing he kept building. And that goes for us too. Let's open the windows and doors, the clouds are forming, the drought may almost be over.
Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Let's go to the Lord together in prayer. What are you on your knees for today? Anything we can pray about? Be specific or say "unspoken" and we promise to lift your name today.