Good To Be Home

Whew. As I type this sentence, I find myself catching my breath. I've missed you! Last week Loretta and I drove to Texas for her sweet grandmother's funeral. Family, heartache, memories, celebration. "Grandma Mague" loved Jesus, and spent decades serving her local church and community. It's just tough to say goodbye. Many of you have been in our shoes.

Well, driving back to California I had all of you on my mind. I realize you've been witness to all of the new things happening at PrayFit, and I just want to thank you for praying for the team and for what we're trying to do. Our goal is to help the fitness industry find Jesus. Plain and simple. Yes, we're teaching fitness and nutrition, but above all, we just want to please the Lord and help others see Him through us. 

Next week, we'll resume our daily devotions but I just wanted to take this Friday as an opportunity to thank you and ask you to pray for us. PrayFit Pioneer is a means to continue the ministry and to help us accomplish what all God has placed on our hearts. If you know someone that might benefit from the monthly membership of training, nutrition expertise and the upcoming small group curriculum, please share this PrayFit Pioneer link with them.  So much in store, and I'd be incredibly honored to serve those you love. And if you're at all interested in joining the membership, sign-up today. The PrayFit sales team has applied a 40% discount that expires today. Promo code: Launch

Anyway, thank you again. Whew. It's good to be home. Pray for us.