My Little Corner of the World

My little corner of the world. Where I rehab, where I fight, where I "train." You'll notice my old belt on the wall. But mostly, this is where I come face-to-face with my smallness, frailty and dependence. And it's here guys, that beginning today, I will be dedicating my training to kids with special needs and digging wells for those that don't have access to clean water through the #iPrayFitProject. If you'd like to sponsor me or join me, there's room in my little corner.

But many of you remember me from my mainstream fitness days, some of you remember my first devotion in 2009; others remember the books and DVDs, and still some of you remember all the surgeries, the illnesses and loss of ability. But may we be known for what we did with it all, and that's what The iPrayFit Project is all about.

Because frankly, being remembered isn't my goal; at least not anymore. Truth is, I just want God to know me and for my circumstances to be used for His glory. I'm reminded of a portion of a poem called, "The Indispensable Man" by Saxon White Kessinger. I urge you to read it when you're feeling important. He writes, "

Sometime when you're feeling important;
Sometime when your ego 's in bloom;
Sometime when you take it for granted,
You're the best qualified in the room:
Sometime when you feel that your going,
Would leave an un-fillable hole,
Just follow these simple instructions,
And see how they humble your soul.  
Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in it up to the wrist,
Pull it out and the hole that's remaining,
Is a measure of how much you'll be missed.

Truthfully, being remembered isn't the goal - because I won't be, nor do I need to be - I just want my little corner of the world to be a place where God is glorified and where He uses me to serve others. If you forget everything I've ever written, let that be the last to go.

- Jimmy Peña