The Sweet Theology

When we concluded yesterday's entry, Tozer had just summarized Abraham's situation as God says in effect, "It's all right Abraham. I never intended  that you should actually slay the lad. I only wanted to remove him from the temple of your heart that I might reign unchallenged there."

Abraham has just made his heart right with God. He realizes his rank. He knows his place. And more importantly, he knows God's place. And God allows Abraham the gift of Isaac, and in effect all of the promises of God and the future generations.

Fast-forward to a weary, broken down fitness writer sharing his thoughts on the screen with some fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that he loves dearly. (That's you and me.) What does Abraham's story have to do with us all these years later? What does the temple of his heart have to do with the temple of ours

Tozer says, "Now he (Abraham) was a man wholly surrendered, a man utterly obedient, a man who possessed nothing. Everything he owned was still his to enjoy: sheep, camels, herds, good of every sort. He also had his wife and his friends, and best of all he had his son Isaac safe by his side. He had everything, but he possessed nothing. That is the sweet theology."

Guys, before we conclude our brief and humble trace of Tozer's chapter tomorrow, what does he mean when he said that Abraham had everything but possessed nothing?  And if we were to distill this story down into its most basic parts to try and relate it to our fragile health, what is the lesson? Help me write tomorrow's entry.
And get ready....

-Jimmy Peña