The Unnecessary Gift

What a gift it is to be unnecessary. This week let's remember that God doesn't need our muscle, our grit or our flex. He doesn't need anything. He's God. We...are the needy ones. We need Him. More than we need to crush our goals, we need to be crushed by His grace. A thousand times more than we need to beat yesterday's best, we need to remember that it is already finished. Let's start the week with that thought. Grace gives our goals meaning.

God, please rearrange our workouts around You this week. Let each rep, each mile, each stretch be a note in a symphony of praise; one that's pleasing to You. Help us remember that while our bodies have some value, the muscle we build on earth carries no weight in Heaven. Please let our workouts be forgettable and our daily feats be nothing more than measurable reminders that You gave us limits. Like oil upon Your feet, we give You this week's workout, and each meal, each session. It's all for You. May it please You. We love You.

God, You gave us the gift of being unnecessary. This is us opening it.


- Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: A show of hands for those that need to be forgettable this week.