Our Choice Is A Voice

Blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it. (Luke 11:28)

I believe it was Francis of Assisi who said, "Preach Christ. If necessary, use words." Meaning of course, our actions to an unbelieving world matter more than what we say. Simple truth, amen? But I also believe in order to spread the Gospel in our industry and beyond, we have to speak up too. Gospel truth.

As Christians in the fitness industry, what an exciting opportunity we have to take God's message to our individual corners of the world. Without a doubt, someone is listening to your actions and to mine. Among countless other lessons, your daily diligence and discipline have helped them make better food and exercise choices. Imagine...your life in motion is a spark that may have extended the lives of others. Perhaps your dependence on the Lord during an illness has been an inspiration to others to help them lean on God during their pain.

Some are also watching what your life says about things like pride, humility, even modesty. In an industry with no shame, you -- the Christian in the gym -- roar when you don't compromise. Fact is, whether your life is all about His hands and feet - or your own abs and arms - they hear it loud and clear. What an awesome responsibility.

Friends, those around us who don't know Jesus, they live in silence. Our one chance to preach Christ could be their only chance to get the message. Our life is that chance. Our chance is our choice. Our choice is a voice. Let's keep talking. Let's preach Christ, even if it means use words. (And when we have the chance, let's speak up.)

–Jimmy Peña

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