Giving Up The Boat

Brian Field - Mission's Pastor at Calvary Community Church - preached this last Sunday. And by preached, I mean he opened up my chest to perform surgery on my heart, blasting my system with the gospel and sowing me up with mere threads of thought and questions and hope.

It's true, Loretta and I want to be just like Brian. We want to go where he goes and walk where he walks because he lives and loves like Jesus to the corners of the world. He's headed in the direction we want to go. He spoke about the day Jesus took over the boat of the disciples. And while we've all heard great sermons on the subject, and I've written a couple of entries on the scene, something Brian said - something I'd never heard before - reached the marrow. 

I'm paraphrasing, but of all the reactions the eventual disciples had, selfish ambition was NOT one of them. They didn't see all the fish and immediately think dollar signs. "Hey, this can be lucrative. Say, Jesus, ever thought about being a fisherman? I think we just might have an opening. Picture it. 'Jesus and the fishermen.' Yeah, that's catchy. That's got a ring to it. Whaddya say?" Absurd, right? Well, looking around at my industry - and this world in general - not so much.

Well, after 7 years of devotions, most of you know my heart, but Loretta and I have a tug at ours. Beginning soon, the iPrayFit membership will be working with all of you about the destiny of our proceeds. We will be looking for help, deploying regional ambassadors, social media interns and more. (Please participate in the poll question below, as it will help us immensely.) We are so excited and hopeful about the upcoming announcement. But suffice it to say that when you give Jesus your boat, it's His. 

PrayFit Poll Question:
If you're a member of iPrayFit - or you soon will be - where would you want proceeds of your membership going each month? We will be engaging multiple, so feel free to indicate more than one. Using numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4, please complete the sentence:
With my membership, I'd like to:
1. Build a well for those that don't have clean water.
2. Provide bicycles to pastors that need to get to hard-to-reach places.
3. Give wheelchairs to those with special needs around the world
4. Other (please name your charity)