Easy To Miss

Open the eyes of my heart Lord.
Open the eyes of my heart.
I want to see You.
— Michael W. Smith

It's easy to miss our destiny.

I can just imagine those two disciples walking toward Emmaus together. It was late in the day, their heads hung low as they kicked up dust with each reminiscent step. After minutes of silence, one would remember something Jesus said, bringing a grin to both their faces. After all, these two heard and saw things not written in the bible.

After another quiet mile or so, the other would bring up "that time when," and the two would smile, shake their heads, laugh and cry. Who would blame them? They missed their friend. Not the miracle maker or the water-walker, but just Jesus. The same Jesus who would tell a good joke at night, sending all the guys to bed laughing. And the same Jesus that listened to their stories with the anticipation of one who didn't already know the ending. Jesus was easy to miss.

Even when He was walking right next to you.

- Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: I don't want to miss Jesus in my day. I don't want miss Him in my workout. The person on the treadmill. She just lost her son. The guy that comes in and trains for maybe 15 minutes and leaves. He's trying to spend spend time with his daughter who has special needs. The lady that reads her book while sitting on the stationary bike. She's contemplating the worst scenario. And the guy sitting on the corner begging for money as I leave the gym. He can't remember the last time he slept indoors. I don't want to miss them. I don't want to miss Jesus in them. Anyone tracking with me? Training my body to reach temporary goals is not a destiny, it's a means to reach it. It's a means to reach them.