Rock The Fitness World

One of the single greatest obstacles facing the fitness industry isn’t a lack of Christians supplied with the gospel, it’s in the distribution of it. In some cases, it’s fear. Fear of being a radical. Fear of being the freak. Or rather than seeing the gym, fitness center or ‘box’ as a mission field, we’re competing for attention on a physical level. 

But imagine if one of our “fitness goals” each week was to mention the name of Jesus to just one (1) perfect stranger we encounter (or even to someone we’ve been training with for a long time.) No attention, no glitz, no new “likes,” no new followers, no hearts on Instagram, but just a simple, humble desire to reach those God has brought into our midst for the cause of Christ. 

Frankly, I’m convinced that one of the most devious of the enemy’s ploys has been to convince us that our time in the gym is “me” time. "Yes, block everyone out – especially those that need Jesus – and focus on your SELF. Turn up the music, ignore the have-nots, disregard the lonely. You’re here to take care of the body after all." 

Meanwhile, the sound of clanging iron echoes like prison doors, while those sentenced to "life" believe that more size, more beauty, more strength, more attention are the keys to freedom. 

Guys, wanna set some prisoners free? Ask questions this week. Break the ice. Start talking about how God has blessed you. Drop His name: 

Man, I don’t know where I’d be without God.” (Or)
“Bro, are you a Christian? No? Cause you’d make an awesome Christian.” (Or maybe)
“Dude, would you like to get a protein shake after we lift so I can tell you about a time that changed my life?” 

Guys, the fact is, the gym is as much of a mission field as the mission field. What if we rocked the world – the fitness world – for Jesus? Worth a try, don't you think?
Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Do you see your time in the gym or on the road as an opportunity to do something great for Jesus? Have you been noticing opportunities to witness for Christ lately? If so, will you commit to sharing Him with one person this week? Let's set some goals.