God Makes My List

Well dear friends, here we are. I've missed you over the break. Many of us are cleaning out cupboards, jotting down training schemes and setting our goals and objectives for a happy and healthy new year. And for that, we are so excited. We can't wait to be a resource of encouragement and motivation. And like many of you, I want God to make my list. But not as an item to be checked off, but that He actually MAKES my list.

Sure, I may have my own plan for the year, but honestly, I want His plan for my life! What about you? As you clean your cupboard, have you allowed Him to clean your heart? Like old food, what on the inside of us needs to be removed (or added) for next year? The list isn't easy, so let Him make it and then get excited about what God has in store. As you do, consider the changes you can make for His glory. We spend hours in the gym, running miles, swimming laps or on social media, but rarely spare 10 minutes a day in His Word or on our knees in prayer. Will that change for you this year?

COVER YOUR EARS FITNESS INDUSTRY: We can hit every single fitness goal imaginable and completely miss honoring Him with our body. Remember, it's not the height of our health that matters, but the depth of our hearts. Like I said, the list isn't easy, so let Him make it.

And if you don't know Jesus as your Savior, we pray that's at the very top. You will never be the same once you do. Jesus in a life makes all the difference. Your health is worth fighting for, no doubt, but your heart was worth dying for. Thank Him for it. Accept Him. Invite Him into your life. Be filled with grace, then spend the rest of your days out-of-breath trying to live it and give it.

Have a blessed new year -- a year of genuine faith and a wholehearted pursuit of health. And if God makes your list...you will.

–Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Like I said, I've missed writing each day over the break. What are some things you're praying for? Loretta and I would like to pray with you and for you. List it here or say "unspoken" and we promise to lift you up by name.