Here's to 45

Here's to 45. Today is my birthday. In some ways I feel younger than the math would report, but in other ways I'd say the math seems just about right. And my birthday falls at an ideal time, don't you think? During the days leading up to it, flower shops are buzzing and heart-shaped chocolates are everywhere. Love is in the air. And the older I get, the more I notice it.

Thank you, Lord, for my life, my wife, family, friends, my health. Thank you that you've numbered my days. Whereas when I was younger that truth seemed limiting, these days it's liberating. As the years claim their increase on me, so does my dependence on you. Thank you for another year to try and live like you and love like you. Your grace amazes me. And thank you for enough health to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you that the fire you lit in my belly is still burning. Again, your grace still amazes me. Where some may think that faith grows when physical goals are achieved, my faith in you is increasing with every goal I can't reach. Lord, I just love you.

Please bless each reader; each seeker of your heart on this site. Please bless their health and the health of their loved ones. Here's to 45, Lord. You gave it to me. I'll do my best to give it back. For it's in Jesus' name I pray, amen.

- Jimmy Peña

Birthday Gift: So kids...I'm dedicating my birthday to the iPrayFit Project. Instead of gifts, I'm asking if you'd consider helping me finish this well. Divinely, we have 45 days to complete it, but if 58 people give just $45, we will complete the well and supply an entire community with clean water for life. Happy 45th Birthday to me.