Forever My Best Pal

I always called you my best pal, for that title you had no equal.
You and I had something special; a bond I didn't have with people.
For nearly 14 years we walked the block as if we owned the joint.
That route won't mean the same, big girl, after all, you were the point.
You made your way into many a devotion, a reader's favorite no doubt.
You reminded us to watch the Master; what life's really all about.
So, thank you for being such a good girl, our protector, loyal friend.
So strong and full of love even up to the end.
And with that I thank the Lord above for giving me this little gal
The Outlaw Ms. Josey Wales forever my best pal.

When we arrived at the breeder's house all those years ago, the man said they had one puppy that had been sent back, rejected for a number of reasons, and she was ours if we wanted her. Sent back? Rejected? I'll take her. (That sentence is today's entry.)

Anyway, some of you have undoubtedly been through this before, as have we, but a year ago today we said goodbye to Josey. For those of you that watched her grow up (and get caught in those thorn bushes), for you we said goodbye. And today, we're just remembering her. 

Be blessed and enjoy the day.
- JP

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