We know the story, but we love it. Two thousand years ago, God made an unexpected trip. Because we were unable to get to Him, He came to us. God left Heaven's hall for Bethlehem's stall. He then climbed out of his crib and onto the cross for your sins and mine. Imagine, God with us. Say that out loud and emphasize a few words with me. 

God with us.
God with us.
God with us.

Amazing, isn't it? The distance He traveled for you and me. I love Christmas time. The traditions, old and new. But something about Christmas will never change, and that's the story of our Savior. 

So Jesus, we know the story, but tell us again.

Show us the faith in Joseph's eyes.
Reveal the awe on a shepherd's face.
Convey the courage of Mary.

We know the story, but take us back. Remind us that your birth began a rescue mission. We know the story, but please Jesus, we love it. Be born again.

 --Jimmy Peña

For Discussion:
 Now and again over the next few weeks, we'll take a look at Christmas and some of the incredible themes we can apply to our health and our suffering.