Come and Get Your Love


In a recent Christmas prayer, Scotty Smith writes, "Thank you for making room for us in your heart, Jesus. There’s no greater welcome or hospitality than the gospel. Our lives are now hidden in yours, and your life is now growing in ours. Oh, the peace this brings us."

You may be like me, but I often run the risk of letting various elements of the Christmas story become routine. For example, the fact that we made no room for Him can easily become one of those "every-year" events. May that not be the case ever again. But rather, let that detail jolt us into realizing that it was Jesus who was calling us, welcoming us. After all, it's His world, His timing, His terms. The manger, the stable, all of it, His chosen scene. With the face of grace, His little smile put earth at Heaven's doorstep, making His birth a galaxy-halting invitation to come and get your Love.

Hillsong sings a wonderful worship song that many of you are certain to recognize called, "What a Beautiful Name." A line from that song says, "You didn't want Heaven without us, so Jesus You brought Heaven down."

Guys, that particular line is my star in the East; an irresistible siren that draws me nearer to my blessed Lord.

I didn't want Heaven without you, so come and get your Love. 

That's Christmas. 

- Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Because He invited us into His heart, we can invite Him into ours. And in doing so, we allow Him into our life. We make room for Him in our dreams, our jobs, and yes, our health. We invite Him into our quest for bodily upkeep, disease management, and goal-making. In fact, the first week of January we're taking inventory of our physical life. Anyone joining me?