Dance The Night Away


Tonight I will again have the honor of working security. Loretta will likely be named one of the official cheerleaders and on-call dancing partners. They'll arrive in limos and walk the red carpet; the kids affected by special needs from area high schools will attend "Joy Unleashed," produced and directed by Gina Spivey of Calvary Community Church. A couple of years ago a few dozen kids participated. Tonight, hundreds will. We will again be eyewitnesses to this miracle moment. I may have an update on Monday if that's alright with you. 

Guys, as we end the week, let's remember the less fortunate during our workouts. May every mile we ride, each step we take, every rep we make, and every hold and stretch be a prayer for those that can't.

Lord, my arms work because of You. My legs respond to my thoughts and my mind is uncluttered. Every ounce of my body is a gift from You, and I realize there are those that don't have certain abilities. Prevent me from believing that I somehow earned any of this, but for Your glory let my workout be as reckless and abandoned as those precious kids on the dance floor as they dance the night away.

- Jimmy Peña