One Day More

"One day more. Another day, another destiny. This never-ending road to Calvary." Jean Valjean lived to see another day, and he lived to see his place in glory. In the end, he joined his heroes. He discovered what God in Heaven had in store.

Well, friends, in a week that could have been written to go in a thousand different directions, I hope something you've read about Les Mis has inspired hope in some area of your life and health. Whether it be to celebrate mercy, to think of others first, to forgive, and maybe even to help you battle pride. Pride, that's the war, amen? At least it is for me.

I recently ran across a retweet of someone quoting a popular fitness athlete who said, "No one and nothing can stop you from getting fit if you truly want to." (Oh to hear Jean Valjean's reply to that false statement.) Not sure how many "likes" she'll get on her wisdom, but I doubt she's ever visited a cancer wing or walked the halls of a children's hospital, and I know for certain she doesn't have a spinal disorder. I tell ya, sometimes pride makes us say the ugliest things.

But she needs grace just like the rest of us. Just like me, just like you. We need Jean Valjean-like grace. Truth is, you don't always get what you work for. But you always know WHO you work for, and that's the difference. A difference only grace can distinguish. If you have health, it's a gift. Open it, treasure it, use it, enjoy it, give thanks for it, and thrive. But we can't applaud Heaven while beating our chest. C.H. Spurgeon once wrote, "We have nothing to be proud of; the lowest place is ours; but Lord, we often conceive ourselves to be something when we are nothing.” 

Indeed, this morning's sunrise says we have another day. Another day, another destiny on our never-ending road to Calvary. Isn't it something? We're called to care for bodies that are designed to fail. What a humble honor. Some days just feel more humbling than others.

One day more.

-Jimmy Peña