Sounds. Crazy.

In his book, Crazy Love, Francis Chan writes, "Why would God create more than 350,000,000,000 galaxies (and this is a conservative estimate) that generations of people never saw or even knew existed? Do you think maybe it was to make us say, "Wow, God is unfathomably big"? Or perhaps God wanted our response to be, "Who do I think I am?"

Today when you walk into the gym and approach your first exercise, do me a favor and pause for a moment. Close your eyes and listen. Treadmills are to your right; feet pounding at varying paces. From the cable crossover area, weight stacks clang with regularity. Beyond them, someone is squatting in the power rack. You can faintly tell that someone behind them is offering encouragement.

For others, the sounds you hear are different. Your physical therapy clinic is shy a squat rack, but heavy on therapy bands. Rather than a seated row, there's plenty of leather-covered beds where therapists re-train people to stand, to walk, and even less. The truth tugs at your heart with your eyes closed.

From cycle studios, to gritty gyms, to delicate rehab centers, the sound is unmistakeable. coming in many forms and with a pitch that each ear detects differently. Regardless of the surroundings, each clang, boing, swish, boom, huff and puff make up a song titled, "We Are Not God." 

Certain things in my life recently have me asking, "Who do I think I am?" Can anyone relate? Paul Tripp writes, "The more you understand the magnitude of God's grace, the more accurate your view of the depth of your unrighteousness; and the more you understand the depth of your unrighteousness, the more you will appreciate the magnitude of God's gift of grace." Here's a question. How does your battle for physical stewardship help remind you of who you are not? 

- jimmy peña

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