Steward It

Continuing our review of what author Tim Challies says about how to guard our health, we come upon the issue of stewarding our bodies. Not a new concept to most of us on this site, but repetition doesn't diminish reality. Tim says,

"You need to steward your body. As you surrender your body, you acknowledge that it does not belong to you but to God. Just as you are responsible to faithfully steward your time and money, you are responsible before God to faithfully steward the body he has assigned to you. You are to use your body wisely, to put your body to use in ways that bring glory to God. After all, “You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

A few years ago, traveling with a friend and client, I was working, writing the first PrayFit book, doing my thing. Well, one busy day my friend and client called me over and said, "Jimmy, let's take a walk." I wasn't sure what he needed, so as always I simply said, "Yes sir." When we turned the corner, he stopped, put his arm around me, pointed and said, "It's yours. Enjoy."

Sitting on a lawn was this beautiful truck. I couldn't believe it. I can still remember the feeling, the moment, my jaw-dropping reaction, and the look on his face when the jolt of recognition hit mine. The most undeserved and unexpected gift. What's more, it was paid in full and being shipped home for me. By the time my work on the road was done, it was waiting for me at my front door. And now that you know the story, I have one question. How much do you think I want to take care of that truck, inside and out? Truth is, to this day I don't climb up in it without thinking of it as a gift from him.

Isn't that how we should think about our bodies? The vehicles - if you will - that God gave us to get our dear souls from one stretch of this life to the next, as gifts? My genuine care and concern for my truck is simply a reflection of respect for the giver. It won't always be new. Like our bodies, it'll have wear and tear, and the miles will someday show (as they already do.) But even though it loses value each day, that truck is no less valuable to me than the day I got it. Why? Because of the one who gave it to me. It's funny, my wife will attest that while I get compliments for it all the time, I never miss a chance to smile and say, "Thank you. It was a gift." I don't tell them who it was from of course, but it just brings me joy to give him the praise, even in his absence.

Please be encouraged, dear friends. If someone asks you about training and food, show them how. If someone wonders why you don't boast or show-off, remind them where your strength comes from. And if there's ever a doubt as to the importance of stewarding a body designed to ultimately fail, take it as a compliment, because you know why. It was gift.

- Jimmy Peña

THANK YOU: Yesterday for my birthday, eleven of you signed-up for the local and virtual PrayFit 5K to benefit kids with disability. I'm so grateful. Thank you so much.