Until It Gets To Jesus

Charles Spurgeon once said, "It's not a sermon until it gets to Jesus." Go ahead and read that sentence again, and this time let it marinate a minute before you move on. Isn't that our prayer today and everyday? That our lives would get to Jesus? Lives so moved by grace that they become sermons? 

Our approach toward, perspective about, and outlook upon our health is one of those messages. Our attempt at humble, bodily stewardship is simply a way to give back to God the life He gave us. Neat right? He gave us life. We live it out. He gave it all. We give it all back. Although, I wonder if I'm giving back all that He gave me. (The cursor on the keyboard is literally flashing on the screen as I contemplate my own question.) Do I? Am I?

With the clock already ticking on a new week, our lives are ALL we have to give back. Am I emptying the tank? And I don't mean simply in sweat, but in the right way, with the right heart, for the right reasons, and for the right people? Sweat is easy. Sermons are tough. And it's not a sermon until it gets to Jesus.

- Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Our lives, including our health, are all we have to give back to God. What area of your life needs to be emphasized or de-emphasized in order for your health to be a sermon? Dang, that's a tough question. There goes my cursor again. What comes to mind when you think of your life as a sermon? Love to know your thoughts.

iPrayFit: Some neat things happening as we enhance the iPrayFit Membership. Here's a sneak peek at yours truly demonstrating his stretch sequence to keep his hips and lower back functioning. If anyone suffers with back pain, I look forward to serving your needs and walking along side you. We'll hold each other up.