Worthy of a Frame

Where do you keep your pictures? I’m not talking about the fun, random, cell phone snaps or the countless Instagram pics. I’m talking about the special ones –- those worthy of a frame. That’s where we need to start…the mantle of your heart.

You know, we’ve all heard the statement that if God had a mantle, your picture would be on it. And while I love knowing that, I wonder what you and I would actually look like? At first, that thought might sound a bit weird, awkward or even irrelevant. I suppose it would be if we were talking about the body, but God sees our hearts. And like we’ve said many times, life is not about the body, and our bodies-- these frames -- will most certainly not last Heaven.

But if anyone knows our bodies, what they’re capable of, and most importantly, the purpose they have on earth, it’s Him. So I guess you could say, we’re just pictures of grace; souls He saw worthy...of a frame.

--Jimmy Peña

QUESTION: God loves our souls so much he framed them with bodies. How does knowing that change the way you view the importance of health, the care you give your body and the heavenly purpose it represents? 

Going Deeper: This question is one we'll be tackling together in A PrayFit Summer. It's not too late to sign up. You'll receive so many benefits and it will benefit so many. It's just $10 for a month-long look at 1 Timothy 4:8. We will strike the imbalance this verse demands. For some, it may mean greater attention to the body, for others it very well may mean less. Let's do this together.