May 19, 2010Read: Psalm 35 "I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among throngs of people I will praise you." --Psalm 35:18

I like to see athletes point to the sky after hitting a home run. As they cross home plate, they point and look skyward with public thanks.

Now, does God really care if they hit home runs? I don't know. (Although He knows I pray for them.) But isn't it humbling to think that God is as worthy of our praise after we strike out as He is when we knock it out of the park? When in our slumps does God slump? Exactly. Even when we're in a drought, He still reigns. Yet for some reason we seldom punch the sky in praise when we swing and miss.


PRAYFIT NUTRITION: LATE NIGHT SNACK How good choices after dark can keep you on track

Do you find yourself hungry late at night? Do you tip-toe into the kitchen without knowing which foods won't damage your waistline or health ? Well, here are some good late night choices.

If you have some natural peanut butter handy, a spoonful will provide healthy fat to help you feel full but you'll also get some much needed protein. If peanut butter is not your favorite, try having some hard-boiled eggs handy. Eggs will also help you feel satisfied without ruining your day via extra calories. And finally, you might even try a serving of casein protein powder mixed in water. Casein is a slow-digesting protein that will stay in your stomach longer than most other protein sources. And that's important if you're trying to save more muscle tone during the overnight fast.

Finally, if you seem to be excessively hungry every night, you need to look at your dinner and make sure you're having ample healthy fats and protein, perhaps dropping your carbs slightly each night.