July 22, 2010Read: Mark 10 "Jesus stopped and said, 'Call him.' So they called to the blind man, 'Cheer up! On your feet! He's calling you!' Throwing his cloak aside, he leaped to his feet and came to Jesus." --Mark 10:49-50

Most of us can't fathom what the blind man was going through that day outside of Jericho. What we do know is that he spent his days begging in the dark. In the verses leading up to this one, we learn he's rebuked and told to be quiet for calling out for Jesus. But nothing stirs the blind like a close encounter with a sight giver. And when Jesus finally called for him, he jumped.

Nobody knows what you're battling today either. Though your eyes may work just fine, things like family matters, school issues and work problems might be darkening your spirit and blinding you from all that God wants you to see. So whatever you do, don't sit there quietly. Despite what those around you might say, cry out for Him with every functioning sense, and then cheer up and jump to your feet. He's calling you!


REP SPEED How fast you push or pull the weight can affect your gains

Something we don't often discuss is how fast you should be moving the bar, dumbbell or weight stack from point A to point B within a given rep at the gym. However, mixing it up can be vital to you in reaching your goals. So if you love hitting the weights, keep these tips in mind the next time you start your set.

>>Fast-twitch fibers are those most responsible for strength and size. Target them through fast, powerful reps or by taking slow rep sets to fatigue.

>> It does you very little good to move a light weight slowly if the end result is not muscular fatigue.

>> Slower reps have the tendency to improve form and decrease the potential for injury while also increasing tension on the target muscle.

>> Slow, high rep sets that target both fiber types are proven to increase time under tension which is an underestimated method of stimulating growth.

>>Experiment with different rep max (RM) loads for both slow and fast rep sets, however both good form and muscle fatigue are your prerequisites.