July 13, 2010Read: Exodus 20

"You shall have no other gods besides me." --Exodus 20: 3

Ok, the truth is, like many older athletes I have  some pretty severe wear and tear in my back, and you don't even want to know about my neck. Let's just say that it's not ideal. But I'm fighting it every step of the way. Amen?! Someday, they'll have to carry me out of the gym.

Well, this last week, I bought an inversion table to help unload my back at the end of each day. That's in combination with a traction unit that my physician prescribed for my neck about a year ago. (Loretta is just one stethoscope away from needing a license to practice medicine!)

So anyway, when they delivered this contraption, I didn't realize how much space it would take up. My first thought, of course, was the garage. But when I got there, I quickly learned that I had too much stuff in the way for it to fit. So I had a choice. Get rid of clutter or continue to suffer.

Are you like that when it comes to finding room for quiet moments with God as well as healthy eating and training habits? Too much stuff to work on, to study, to clean? Too much on your mind and in the way? We all have a choice. Get rid of clutter or continue to suffer.

It's not until we remove what we think we need, that we can make room for what really matters.

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PRAYFIT TIP: FIT-TING IN TIME Finding too much clutter on your way to a healthier body? Time to get stuff out of the way.

Morning person? Then it might be the best time of day for you to spend time exercising. Not only that, if you're trying to lose weight, research confirms that training in the morning (either on an empty stomach or with 20-25 grams of whey protein) is an excellent way to burn off fat.

Lunch-time warrior? If you spend your lunch hour working out, then you're doing your body good. You're more likely to avoid the afternoon sleepies if you exercise after lunch.

Late-night laborer? If the end of the day is when you feel your strongest, then use the time wisely. In fact, according to friend and Prayfit contributor Jim Stoppani, PhD, certain hormones such as natural growth hormone are actually higher in the evening time. And training at night might even help you sleep better, allowing you to utilize balance of the day's unused energy.

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Originally posted 12/1/2009.