July 30, 2010Read: Psalm 148

"Let them praise the name of the Lord, for his name is exalted. His splendor is above the earth and the heavens." --Psalm 148:13

"The kid's got skills," I said to myself as I sat at a traffic light. Waiting my turn, I looked to my right to see this kid on the corner. He was dancing with one of those big cardboard ads, flipping and turning it with ease. Effortlessly, he'd toss it up and catch without even looking. He had all the drivers mesmerized. He probably flipped it a dozen times while I sat there and never once did he drop it.

Well, the light changed, and I went on my way. "The kid's got skills", I said again with a half smile as I drove off, but then it hit me. I have no idea what he was advertising. Talented? Absolutely. Dedicated? Unquestionable. But for the life of me, I couldn't tell you what he stood (there) for. All I know is that whatever he was asked to promote took a back seat to his show.

I couldn't help but think that we're sometimes like that kid on the corner. We've been called to share the truth of Jesus, but we often do our own song and dance, amusing or confusing those around us. Lord, help us remember that you're the star of the show, and we'd be wise to drop the act.



Leave it to a couple of weights guys to encourage you to go for a jog, but that's exactly what we're encouraging you to do. Few exercises will burn as many calories as an all-out run. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, running at 6 mph for 30 minutes will burn approximately 389 calories in a 160-pound individual.

But if you're currently not running, we're not saying you should take to the streets with Usain Bolt-like enthusiasm tomorrow, but rather, ease into the routine. In fact, be sure you have some good and supportive shoes that can withstand the pounding long before you head out for your run.

And for those of you who either used to run or have just been itching to see what a good, solid jog can do to your mood as well as your physical health, try this for the next four days:

Find a safe, unimpeded area like a stretch of road or a football field and do a five-minute "up and back." Start the clock and jog to a point on the street (roughly 100 yards) and jog back. Do that as many times as you can in five minutes. Over the next four days, do more laps in five minutes each day than you did the day before. Then at the beginning of the next week, bump up your time to seven minutes and each day beat your previous day's laps again.

If you're not quite ready for a jog, try a jog/walk. Jog to the point, walk back, so on and so forth.

POP QUIZ: What is your VO2 max? a. the newest teenage dance craze b. the latest hair volumizer c. the dog's name on The Jetson's d. your body's rate of oxygen consumption

(Hint: For the answer to the quiz, rule out the three insanely ridiculous answers!)

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