August 26, 2010Read: Isaiah 40

"The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God will stand forever." --Isaiah 40:8

There's been a big to-do lately about the validity of expiration dates on grocery store items. Without anyone regulating the shelf-life of food, the business of labels is risky business.

But no matter how soon we buy something or how well we preserve it's freshness, time will eventually take its toll. Left to the elements, sooner or later, we discover what's foul -- and there's no mistaking when something's gone bad.

Truth be told, there's really nothing this life can offer that won't decay. Eventually, everything degrades, and thinking green won't be nearly enough to save the earth. Thankfully, God is imperishable and we are not the world. He stamps a "BEST LIVED BY:" on time itself. Not one thing about Him will ever get old or go bad. Not one promise, not mercy, and not anyone He calls his own.


FIT & BALANCED More times than not, our injuries are the result of improper training -- not necessarily in terms of improper form, but rather by not providing all of our bodyparts equal time under tension. Typically, we are more likely train the bodyparts we most frequently see in the mirror like our quads, chest, abs, shoulders and biceps. However, neglecting to train the back properly can cause undue torque on the shoulders. And not hitting the hamstrings can cause knee issues and low-back problems. So today's advice is to take a look at your routine to make sure you're training in balance.

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