October 20, 2010Read: Luke 15

"The angels in heaven rejoice whenever a sinner gives his heart to the Lord." --Luke 15:7

Someone once said that the heart of the problem is the heart of the person. And over the course of my life, I'm learning that to be true. The longer I live, the more sure I am of the fact that whatever good anyone could or will ever see in me is all because of Jesus. Anything else? My issue, my problem, my heart.

I was reminded of that earlier this year when I was having a physician's examination. Before going into an outpatient procedure, they attached a few leads to my chest to monitor my heart throughout the exam. Funny, after only a few seconds it began to chime loudly. The surprised nurse quickly walked back in and turned it off. When asked, she said that the alarm sounds in the ER whenever a heart rate falls below 40.

The irony of the moment made me pause. A monitor specifically designed to alert others of a failing heart, was actually letting the room know of a strong one.

What are you and I doing to let others know the condition of our hearts? Because unless we share Christ -- unless we sound the alarm -- some people may never know that what's really going on inside is a celebration. Unsure how to do that? Just start sharing love. For that, we don't need a monitor with a 12-lead...all we have to do is follow His.


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