November 4, 2010Read: John 19 "Do you not know I have the power to have you crucified?" --John 19:10

You can't pick up a newspaper, click on a website, or in many cases, look in the mirror without seeing someone claiming to be "self-made." Look to any industry, and there's someone who claims they got to the top on their own; the Captain of a solo flight from rags to riches. Well, thinking we've made it to the top of anything alone is not only tough to swallow, it's dangerous to digest. Like someone once said, "A self-made man runs the risk of worshiping their creator."

Pilate took that risk. He raised his resume in the face of Jesus and beat his own chest. "Don't you know?...I have the power? ...To have you crucified? And yet Jesus answered without saying a word. After all, He 1) was all-knowing 2) gave power to the sun and 3) willingly climbed on the cross.

So really, Pilate had no grounds to question, no room to boast and no evidence to presume. And neither do we.


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