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Respite = Rest. Caring for a child with disabilities is a staggering undertaking for single parents, couples, churches and groups around the country.

PrayFit. Thanks to you, we delivered 180 care packages to families as they were completely isolated during the COVID 19 Pandemic. And because of your generosity, we launched a return to Buddy Break, our monthly respite program.”

- Gina Spivey- Pastor Special Needs Ministry, Calvary Community Church

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Their Rest is Up to Us.

In a world of perpetual motion - propelled by the affection of those they hold closest...

The ferris wheel of life - while fulfilling and exhilarating - never stops. That's where we come in.

While life is full of endless joys, the emotional and physical stress of parents and caregivers can be overwhelming. It can be an existence of deficit and fatigue. Fortunately, respite can come in many forms.

Respite Place

Respite care may be provided by family, friends, government agency
or badass fitness enthusiasts like you.
Games, songs, time with other friends

Buddy Up

Providing respite (rest) for parents and caregivers of those with disabilities all about creating and funding opportunities, events and memories. Parents get life-saving rest, kids with special needs get hours of fun and volunteers get their hearts transformed.

Step 1: Launch a fundraiser.
Step 2: Share your link with your church
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getting to the water

Wave of Emotions

Beach Access equipment like mats allow for wheelchair users to make their way to the water. Your fundraising also provides food, refreshments and supervision while parents soak up some sunshine.
Slides, swings, zip lines and bridges

Everyone Plays

Funding equipment for kids with disabilities is a key step for churches. Kids get to enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and enjoy the thrill and adventures of the playground.
THe Rhythm of Respite

Dance The Night Away

Funding special abilities dances! Now, THAT'S providing respite care. Buddies get to volunteer and hang out with V.I.P kiddos who are impacted by disabilities while parents enjoy knowing their child is on a date.

Respite Is Emergency Care

Marriage,Money & Mental Health

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Mental Health

Respite can improve mental health of parents and caregivers.
Mental Health Treatment of stress is 2-3x higher for parents of VIP kids versus parents of typical kids.
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Prevents Depression

Respite prevents extreme isolation, depression and loneliness.
Opportunities to get a break are rare, yet desperately needed to survive.
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Provides Socialization

Events such as BUDDY BREAK, BEACH DAY and SPECIAL ABILITIES DANCES that we fund provide socialization opportunities.
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Enhances Physical Fitness

Respite Care helps prevent physical fatigue.
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Saves Marriages

Funding respite care can help save marriages.
The divorce rate is high (up to 80%) for couples with a child with special needs.
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Volunteer Fulfillment

Respite care gives volunteers like us a perspective and fulfillment like never before.

Rest Takes Work

Because you take the time, parents find emotional and physical stability,
and kids with special needs get to socialize with buddies.

Give the gift of rest

It Takes $25 to Give
1 Hour of Respite.