January 11, 2010Read: Psalms 55

“Cast your burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain you; he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” –Psalms 55:22

The tragedy in Tuscon leaves us heartbroken, numb and confused. Words don't explain or comfort. It's during these times in life that all we can do is seek a place to ponder His grace. Max Lucado said today, "Courage comes when we live with Jesus. Linger long and often in his presence. Meditate on his grace. Talk to him." And Max is right.

You know, it's true. Jesus is the only one who can rescue us from the inconceivable and unbelievable. They call him the Savior for days just like this.



As you contemplate the news from Arizona, it is still possible to reflect on your health. Remembering that your physical blessings are gifts from Him, you can still use this day to pay your respects both to those that were hurt and the One that heals.

1. Run faster

2. Lift harder

3. Eat well

4. Pray for those who can't do the above

Today, let your effort scream to the world, "God is! God still is!"

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