February 4, 2011Read: John 4

"A woman from Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, 'Give me a drink.'" -- John 4:7

Call me sentimental, but today marks a year to the day of my neck surgery. Today's check-up gave me assurance of a successful operation and my physician sent me away with a clean bill of health. To celebrate, I wanted to train. But on my way to the gym, I first walked to the edge of the rehab pool. Corny, sure. But I gave my life to that water, and it returned the favor. So I guess I went back to say goodbye.

You know, I wonder if the woman ever made her way back to that well, or if Peter ever wandered off alone to dip his toe in the sea of Galilee, remembering his stroll on the water. But whether it's to remember where you've been, or what you were given, going back does a body (and soul) good. Do you need to go back? If so, go ahead. Find your well, your shore, or your pool...and just thank God for living water.



Yesterday, we dished you five "true or false" questions on fitness and nutrition. Still wondering how you did? Here's the answer key:

1. You burn more calories warming the body than cooling it. TRUE 2. You cause more muscle damage walking downhill than struggling to walk uphill. TRUE 3. The longest muscle in the body is the sartorius. TRUE 4. Stretching doesn’t prevent injury. TRUE 5. The safest time of day to have a cheat meal is immediately following a workout. TRUE

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