April 14, 2011Read: John 13

"I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you." --John 13:15

Yesterday I found myself washing feet. Well, not literally, but serving others didn't come easy. If you're like me, some days it takes muscle to move a muscle. In fact, when I was asked to help someone, I hesitated so long that I think grass actually grew. No seriously...I didn't budge.

But in my reluctant moment, ironically, I had to reach for a water bottle and I don't know why, but the thought of Jesus washing feet came to mind. Forgive the comparison, but there is no comparison. Simply put, if God can clean feet, I can jump to mine.


TRIVIA THURSDAY Time to exercise your gray matter on today's quiz

1. What is the safest time of day to have a cheat meal? a. Right after a blistering workout b. First thing in the morning c. In the middle of the day between lunch and dinner d. Right before bed

2. The wide-grip seated row exercise works which muscle(s)? a.  lower lats, upper traps b. lower lats, rhomboids c. Upper lats, upper traps d. upper lats, rhomboids, middle traps

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