April 15, 2011 "I believe in Christianity as I believe the sun has risen; not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."

--C.S Lewis

PRAYFIT: WEEK IN REVIEW Absorb a week's worth of healthy living tips in just three clicks

>> WORKOUT: A 10-minute solution for lagging legs, triceps and abs

>> NEWS: What does it mean, exactly, to be "Army Strong?"

>> RECIPE: Looking for a no-guilt way to enjoy banana bread? Check Dana Angelo White's recipe.

TRIVIA ANSWERS from yesterday's trivia question... 1. The safest time to eat a cheat meal is actually right after a blistering workout. You are more likely to utilize the cheat meal for fuel and not store it as bodyfat right after a training session. The second best time for such a meal is first thing in the morning after an overnight fast.

2. The wide-grip seated row is a fantastic back exercises, and because of the wide grip which forces your elbows to raise  and arms to become parallel with the floor, it is an excellent way to target the upper lats, rhomboids and middle traps.

So, Phil...congratulations. You are this week's trivia winner. Let us know where to send your PrayFit gear by emailing us at