August 19, 2011Read: John 13

"Love one another." -- John 13:34

If you can't seem to find me today, chances are good that I'm still at the Hallmark store. Like many a husband, I waited till the last minute to find the one thing that matters most to my wife: a card. (See, today is our anniversary).

Sure, I could come home tonight with chocolate, flowers and diamonds, but if I were to forget the card -- I may as well have forgotten her name. If I've learned anything after 16 years it's that jewelry may reach her hand, but words find her heart. Her reaction says it all.

Friends, God gave us the world, but He didn't stop there. No, He didn't want the world to be the closest we get to Heaven, so He put His love in writing. And what matters most to Him - our reaction - says it all.


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