To The Prayfit Faithful

What started as a daily blog being sent to a handful of friends, now reaches nearly 8,000 like-minded people every morning (with nearly 10,000 likes on Facebook and over 5,500 followers on Twitter). And we can say with the utmost certainty, it's an honor we take seriously. Steeped in prayer, and surrounded by walls of perspective, our fitness devotions are meant solely to help all of us heighten our regard for health, and our ability to maintain it, as a means of praise. Many of you participate in various kinds of fitness activities, share meal plans and philosophies, all while giving Jesus the glory. By doing so, you energize the PrayFit philosophy: healthy in body, strong in spirit. It's our sincere hope that you continue to read and share our site with loved ones. But most importantly, continue to pray for PrayFit. When we write our entries, you're on our minds and in our prayers. Thank you in advance for doing the same for us.

You know, when C.S. Lewis said, "You don't have souls, you are souls. You have bodies," little did he know he was weaving the very fabric of our purpose. Someday, I'll thank him for it. And today, let that be our mantra. In how we work, move, eat and play, let's take care of the body that carries the soul.

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