But Wait, There's More!

Well, we end this week with something you may have seen in the news. Even though you may not recognize his name, you do recognize what he said. Barry Becher, the marketing mastermind and infomercial pioneer best known for introducing American TV viewers to Ginsu knives, died this week. He was 71.

As I watched the Nightly News and listened to his story as the dates of his birth and death flashed across the screen, something in the last part of the segment caught my attention. See, Becher helped coin the phrase, "But wait, there's more." And it's been reported that his family may put that very phrase on his tombstone. Ironic, because what he spent his entire life assuring us of, he can now truly guarantee.

So as we put a button on a week filled with its ups and downs, let's remind each other that while being a Christian isn't risk free, we do have to act now. There's a reason why at PrayFit we stress the fact that life isn't about waistlines and bodyfat. No, those around us need to know that -- for a limited time only -- Jesus has extended a very special offer to anyone who calls now. So don't delay!

And that's The Daily for this week. Thank you for being here with us. I'm Jimmy Peña. We hope to see you back here bright and early Monday morning, and for all of us at PrayFit.com, goodnight.

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