A Gentle Tug

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” –-Proverbs 16:3

Read: Proverbs 16

Well, here we are. Friday. For some, it's the end of a glorious week. Each route you ran made sense, and each plan proved you're a genius. But for others, today marks the end of a not-so-glorious streak of five lost days tied together with a thick band of disappointment. You didn't begin the week feeling this way. You had different plans...much different.

For thousands of passengers aboard Carnival Cruise Triumph, the week was anything but triumphant. Drifting powerless, they too had different plans. Their hopes of food, fun and relaxation, were replaced with hunger, boredom and stress. Adding insult to injury, their ship had to be pulled to safety by tug boats at a blazing 7 mph. Misery took its time.

Friends, God knows our weeks. He knows our weak weeks. Your plans fail, my plans fail, and we drift. We're a group of wide-eyed strangers who boarded the big boat of life on Monday only wanting to jump ship by Wednesday. And even though we're "saved," seeing land on Friday took way too long. But we can take today's sunrise as a reminder that the tug -- His gentle tug -- is enough. It really is enough.

--Jimmy Peña

Question: Concerning your health, are you drifting? Does your shore seem so far away that you're losing hope? Whether self inflicted or out of your control completely, we want to help you with either practical advice or practical prayer. You choose, but we're here.

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