Souls Aboard

"The strong spirit of a man sustains him in bodily pain or trouble, but a weak and broken spirit who can raise up or bear?" --Proverbs 18:14

Read: Proverbs 18 Sea Plane"How many souls on board?" the voices over the radio would ask. For business this weekend, I boarded a few different vessels to get where I was going. I'm likely on one as you read this sentence. And as each craft approached its destination, that question would come up. Being privy to the communication between the captain and ground crew, I found myself anticipating both the question and the answer. (Too easy, right? I know, but I couldn't resist.)

Because while I know what it meant, they could have simply asked for a head count or even the number of seats that were filled. Call me sentimental, but their words made it clear that we were on a vessel full of vessels; souls aboard. Your body has one. Mine too. Say it out loud. It makes a difference when you say it from a literal sense: There's a soul on board.

As we begin a new week, tackling school lunches, deadlines, meetings and conference calls, let's whisper it often and with conviction. We're more soul than body, so whether yours is battling an infirmity you didn't see coming or you're trying to make up for years of neglect, let it be known. We protect our eyes from things we don't need to see, cover our ears, close our mouths, and humbly do our best to care for the body as we get where we need to go. Why?

--Jimmy Peña

Question: Knowing you're more soul than body, how does that change your thinking in terms of your health? Does it motivate you to care for it as long as it lasts? Does it help you walk into rooms with clarity of purpose? How does concentrating on your soul affect your body?

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