Ready. Set...

"But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble." --Psalm 59:16

Read: Psalm 59 In honor of Boston, the London Marathon demonstrated the most appropriate gesture on Sunday. Did you see it? Tens of thousands of runners lined the streets. Shoes laced, bibs pinned, gear on. Then, at the sound of the whistle, they didn't move. Though eager to tackle the course, they stood still. Pausing, they offered 30 seconds of silent prayer in honor of those whose lives were lost and for a city in pain. The most important 30 seconds of the race came before they took one step.

That picture is what we encourage you to do each day before you begin yours. We know you're eager to tackle the course but first spend a few moments talking to the Lord, reading His word, seeking His will, laying down burdens, and lifting up friends and family -- just be with Him. We believe it's the most important time of the day.

You know, countless runners wore shirts, hats or banners revealing they were running for the people of Boston. First they prayed for them, then they ran for them. The most appropriate gesture.

--Jimmy Peña

FALSE START Did you hear about that one runner who ignored the honor and just started running? Wanting to get a head start, he dashed. His actions said, "I'm running for myself. I'll rely on my own ability. My tenacity is enough. Maybe I'll pause later." (Ok, maybe that didn't really happen). But I actually saw his face in my mirror this morning. Maybe you saw him in yours. Did you start your day without a quiet time? If so, you can begin again. False starts don't disqualify us from the race. Ready, set...


While weight loss is a popular theme here at PrayFit and other fitness websites, there is a population on the other end of the scale that needs help achieving a healthy weight. Those who are underweight are subject to a different set of problems including suppressed immunity, athletic performance deficiency and osteoporosis. In women, it can be an even greater concern since being underweight can result in the absence of menstruation, infertility or complications during pregnancy. In fact, mortality rates in underweight individuals is similar to that seen in morbidly obese populations. PrayFit contributing nutritionist, Christie Menna, MS, RD, says that there are a few easy strategies for those who struggle to gain weight or maintain a healthy weight.

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