God's Will and Good Health

I have a long list of goals. Wanna hear a few of them? Ok, here goes. In no particular order -- and before I turn 50 -- my goals are 1) to become fluent in Spanish 2) memorize the New Testament 3) learn to play the piano 4) visit Bethlehem and 5) be able to do a handstand. Do you like my odds? Please, no bets on the handstand. Give me a hand for just standing!

But when you read some of my life's objectives, what do they all require? Any common denominators? I can think of two: God's will and my health. I am nothing without either. But I love to imagine what all I could do with God's blessing of a plan and His blessing of good health to see it through. Wow. The idea literally makes my heart pound. Friends, I'm convinced that the only two solitary and pivotal elements any believer needs when it comes to their goals are God's will and health.

What do you need your health to help you see and do? (Don't hold back, I want to know.) Be around for your daughter's wedding? Someone with special needs who needs you the most? Hand bibles out in uncharted territories? Goals. Of course, we celebrate the byproducts of obedience like healthier weight, blood pressure, clear lungs, but if God allows those things, don't dare stop there. What are your goals? Let's get together and pray for God's will and wisdom. And then plan. Let's plan away. Get on your knees, and with God's help, deliver an unwavering commitment to put your health on that mission.

–Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: What swing-for-the-fence dreams do you have? If it were God's will, what makes your heart pound? Please give us your short list. Etched on your heart is part of your purpose. What is it?

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